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What We Do

What We Do

We help homeowners in Maryland earn extra income by setting up and managing the property rental process.

High Quality Service

High Quality Service

Metromax Group as a response team available 24/7. Your tenants deserve to have a peaceful and easy-going experience during their stay. You will receive a locally assigned property management field agent. We oversee the entire listing and booking process. We are the main point of contact for your tenant during their stay, allowing you to relax and continue striving.

100% Tested and Proven

100% Tested and Proven

Metromax Group has successfully managed dozens of properties. We’ve conquered the challenges most newcomers and seasoned property renters face. With with our proven success, you can bypass the hiccups and focus on earning.

From individual furnished room leasing, to traditional unfurnished home leasing…Metromax Group is the answer.

Rest assure that you and your tenants are in good hands.

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