Looking for a way to earn passive income?
You’ve just found it – we’ll do all of the work!

Metromax Group strives to provide homeowners property management services that are convenient, responsive and comfortable. We pride ourselves in providing clean, quiet and professional accommodations. Our goal is to give tenants value by setting a standard of living that working professionals and entrepreneurs can appreciate and afford. By partnering with the local community homeowners and renting their space to our tenants, we help them earn passive income. Metromax Group acts as the property manager for the homeowners, which gives them a hands-free business. Our 24/7 availability gives our homeowners a peace of mind. Empowering our community by creating a passive stream of income is vital for sustaining wealth.

Our goal is our clients’ success and ensuring they have future growth with a peace of mind.

Continue living your life and we will work on making the money for you.

Meet Simeon Ogunjulugbe


Simeon is a first generation Nigerian-American and a graduate of Towson University with a Bachelors degree in International Studies. His profession is a Linux Administrator with a leading IT company. He founded Metromax Group, LLC and immediately began operating several short term rental property listings as well as a car rental listing. His natural ability to relate and bond with people from varying backgrounds is what allows him to thrive in business. He has a deep interest in adding value to the community by providing services that enhance people’s personal lives. Simeon has been blazing in the hospitality business in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia region and his experience lies within managing as many as 7 short term rental listings at once, while still having a full time job. His ambition drives him to continue to grow as a person and to better serve the people around him. During his free time he enjoys reading self-improvement books, listening to jazz and attending social events. Work life balance is vital to Simeon because it allows him to stay connected with the people he values. If you want to learn more about Simeon over a cup of joe or a quick bite, please contact him via email or phone to set up a time to chat. He can’t wait to hear from you!